3.8~8mm Auto Iris Vari-Focal
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Price: $49.99


The LA EM 358DIR lenses provides a standard angle using a precise crafted vari-focal length of 3.5mm to 8mm which gives you a great flexibility for your security installation. With the added feature of a DC auto-iris, these lenses can automatically adjust to the perfect setting for your lighting conditions. Using this IR-corrected lens with a Day and Night Camera, it will give sharp and well focused image at night time. The LA EM 358DIR provides a F1.4 bright aperture to help to give a better and cleaner picture quality.

When and Why to use IR corrected lenses?
Use a day & night or monochrome cameras for the IR corrected lenses. Regular color cameras will not be affected by the IR corrected lens. When using the day/night or monochrome cameras, nearly any outdoor, as well as some indoor applications, will require, or at least benefit from using IR corrected lenses. This is because many natural light sources also contain infrared light, lighting changes with a higher infrared, lower infrared, or without infrared at all. When using ordinary lenses, the result is a blurred, or in a worst case scenario, a completely unfocused picture.