Active Video balum
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Price: $99.99


These products are designed for long range transmission, the unit built in video amplifier function. If your transmission range under 100 meters, the video gain function is too big to have snow or wavy, bright image occurred. Recommend to use them with range at least over 100 meters or alternate passive video transceivers TTP111 series for short range transmission as well as cost saving.

•Transmit a full motion color or monochrome video signal, color range 1500 meters, B/W video signal up to 2400 meters.
•Video color burst and luminance adjustments at TTA111VT transmitter.
•Five position distance range switch on receiver TTA111VR.
•System is integrated with alarm sensor (PIR, Magnetic, etc.) or data (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom)
•Built in transient protection and ground lifting, damaging voltage spike problems are eliminated.
•Red LED : Power on / off.
•Up to multi pieces TTA111VT transmitter can work with 4 channel Hub TTA414VR or 1U rack mounting TPA008/TPA0008H, TPA016/TPA016H receiver panel