ATTACKDVR Personal Alarm
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Micro SD Card

Price: $79.00


We can all use a little more protection and that's just what the Attack-DVR helps to provide.  This unit when activated will produce an almost blinding LED light along with a piercing noise (90+ db) all while recording video at the same time. Press the button and run, while pointing it at the attacker. 

Have peace of mind.  Whether you're a pedestrian for only a few minutes, or several hours, life outside can be unpredictable and scary.  A woman may be concerned that a person is following her with bad intentions, or a man may want to prevent being a victim of robbery without using lethal force. This is a great self defense device for people who work in government buildings or go to universities that have a no gun policy.

Easy to carry.  The unit is small enough to be hand held or to even be attached to a keychain.  The built in rechargeable battery lasts up to three months.  The video is stored to lightweight standard SD cards.

Quite frightening.  The sound is extremely loud— a train whistle is 90 decibals.  The bright light is as blinding as a laser beam which should both disorient and illuminate the attacker in dark situations.

Quality audio and color video.  Takes 640 x 480 resolution video, the resolution of your average YouTube video.

Don't leave your personal safety up to chance, protect yourself with Attack-DVR. 



  • Records audio and color video
  • LED emits an almost blinding light
  • Loud sound easily attracts attention, may frighten off an attacker
  • Built in rechargeable battery


Technical Specs

  • Video Resolution: 640 x 480 @ Up to 30 fps
  • Sound level: 90+ db
  • Storage: Supports up to 32 GB SD Cards
  • 65° viewing angle
  • Recommended recharge: every 3 months



  • 1 Attack-DVR
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 Wall adapter
  • 1 Instruction booklet
  • 1 Software disc