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This TOP SELLER SPY CLOCK RADIO CAMERA is an all-in-one fully functional clock radio with built-in hidden video camera and on-board digital video recorder (DVR). With its self-contained and compact design it records in complete stealth appearing to casual observers as a nondescript ordinary clock radio. It features discreet high quality color video recording, up to 32 GB micro-SD card storage (approx 1gb per 24 hours), continuous loop recording, night vision upto 10ft, time and date video stamp, rechargeable lithium-ion battery as well as a fully operational digital clock radio with FM/MP3/MP4 playback via built-in speakers. The unit is easy to use with its "Plug and Play" interface and allows video playback (play/fast forward/rewind) via the built-in LCD without the need for a computer. The video recording/plabyack interface is accessed by a secret button combination preventing unauthorized access. 




  • Totally Hidden Camera Records Video & Still Images
  • Auto-On Infrared Night Vision Can Record In Total Darkness
  • Can Be Set to Record Only When Motion is Detected
  • Supports Up to 32GB Micro SD Card - Included
  • Standalone Operation: View Footage On Built-In 2" Screen